Project for the National Library of Colombia
Graphic Design/book cover/collage
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Basic Library of Colombian Culture

The Biblioteca Básica de Cultura Colombiana (Basic Library of Colombian Culture) is a digital book collection published by The National Library of Colombia that collects the most representative of Colombian culture, including poetry, literature, and theatre in this first group of books. BBCC`s main objective is sharing the richness of perspectives and multiplying the sound of the Colombian literature in worldwide.

This project includes the branding and the cover design of 25 books published in 2015.

Cabinets of curiosities of century XVII, where interesting objects were grouped and showed was the key metaphor that started the design and illustration process, the book cover is understood as a shelf with different spaces where the collages and images are placed and changed.

In 2015 we started this proyect publishing the first 25 titles, in 2016 and 2017 we continued the process with 40 and 40 titles each year, finishing this year with the last 15 titles, all edited and published by the Biblioteca Nacional. The visual outcome reflects the variety of views, topics, colors ands sounds that the BBCC embrace as an image and statement of the colombian cultural identity.