Project for Universidad El Bosque
Editorial deisgn/magazine/illustration
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En el Bosque Magazine

Universidad del Bosque, a renowned higher educational institution in Bogotá, Colombia, had published a magazine for its students since 2007. Due to the very little contact that students had with the product, in 2015 the institution decided to re-design the editorial and visual concept. This was the first time I participated in a periodical, that I dealt with deadlines and short time for the graphic development of a project. It was vitally to me to understand the importance of each member of the work team, and it was a learning experience regarding good time management.

The intention was to reach out to youth and dynamic audiences. In that way, we bet on a simpler language through typography, along with illustrations and daring layouts w ith a significant visual power. Different printing papers and print modes were used.


The diversity of graphic resources used in the magazine makes it a powerful project. Illustrations, photography and typesetting were needed in every issue in order to create a more assertive narration of contents.